Patient Review

Bhikhubhai A. Parikh (05-Jun-2016)  Review: Excellent

Thank you very much for giving me a new vision and sight in both the eyes. My heartiest congratulation, good wishes and blessings to you. I still, always remember your kind words before operation “ Don’t worry you will be all right.”, give good faith and full satisfaction. Really, your fingers and machines give a wonderful treatment. May god bless you full more more and full success in your life. I am fully satisfied with your polite, sincere and humble nursing staff, sisters and co-workers. My many many thanks to them all specially to Vaishaliben – operation councellor for giving good guidance and perfect advice.

Monali M Patel (12-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Nice services

Amin Nidhi (08-Sep-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good And nice services

Mukeshbhai (17-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent


Foramben Vhora (17-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good Experiance

Patel Nihit P. (17-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Excellent Staff / services

Shreyansh Bhavshar (17-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Excellent Services

Parth V. Patel (17-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good staff comunication

Bela (12-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent


Tapan H. Patel (12-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good Services

Ruksabanu (20-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good services

Ripuben K. Patel (19-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent


Bhavana (02-Sep-2015)  Review: Average


Kalpesh Patel (02-Sep-2015)  Review: Excellent


Kartavja Goswami (02-Sep-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good services

Kunal Patel (29-Nov-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good Experiance

Vidhi Patel (29-Nov-2015)  Review: Excellent


Dipant Patel (29-Nov-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good doctors/ staff comunication And satisfaction of all services

Rina Praja[pati (29-Nov-2015)  Review: Excellent

Realy good experiance of hospital

Mayank Patel (29-Nov-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good Result

Nikita Patel (29-Dec-2015)  Review: Excellent


Priyank Patel (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good atmosphere at hospital

Jaimin Patel (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good Treatment

Miraben (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Fine Services Good Staff

Neerali K. Patel (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good And Nice Services Or Hospital

Prashant Patel (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Everithing is well :-)

Forum Shah (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Nice Performance

Ravi Patel (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Average

Poor Performance

Patel Khusboo (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Long Wait time needs Improvement

Gaurang Patel (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Very Good facilities

Devesh G Patel (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good & Nice Hospital

Vhora ALtaf Y. (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Nice Treatment

Saffan (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Nice services

Sagar Patel (12-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Nice Staff, Nice Services & treatment

Raj Patel (11-Dec-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good services

Pratik Patel (23-Dec-2015)  Review: Excellent

Excellent Services

Kinjal Ben (23-Dec-2015)  Review: Average

Average Services

Vishwas Patel (20-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good & Nice Hospital

Bhanatsinh (20-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

All services are excellent

Ankita Patel (20-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good Staff, Nice experience

Hiral Pandya (20-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

All Are Excellent

Diken Bhai (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good Experiance

Diken Bhai (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good Experiance

Nehal Patel (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good servicces, Good Intraction

Parth Patel (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Services is good

Amishbhai Pathak (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good services from staff

Nikhil Pathak (05-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Services are excellent

Manisha Mehta (06-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good treatment Excellent treatment from doctor

Bhaumin K. Patel (06-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good counceling from Doctor's,Good Services & staff Atkat

Patel Vidhi S. (01-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good Services

Dipant Patel (01-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Very nice services,Good staff,very Good intrection with patient

Sunny Shah (01-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Good Services

Mira R. Patil (06-Jan-2016)  Review: Excellent

Very nice staff,So clean,Happy about services

Nancy B. Patel (07-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

good services and nice facility

Chitra Mistry (01-Jul-2014)  Review: Excellent

All Facilyties are Excellent

Sarita Kumari Meena (17-Aug-2014)  Review: Excellent

All facilities are Excellent

Patel Vivek A. (12-Aug-2013)  Review: Excellent

All Facilities are good

Shikha Agarwal (12-Aug-2015)  Review: Excellent

Good Facility

Divyang V. Patel (02-Oct-2012)  Review: Excellent

Doctor Cheeked my eyes after half hour after Lasik Surgery & to my Surprise I could all the without glasses I was happy & confident no I will be able to wear fashionable glasses like my friends.I thank all the staff members & Dr. Jethwa for my Vision without glasses.

Seema Vohra (05-Sep-2013)  Review: Excellent

I am very happy after my lasik Surgery I do not have wear glasses I am not consious but confident when I go out It was nice experience to get the surgery done at Ultimate vision Laser Centre Dr. Jethwa & his teem good care of the patient.

Parvinbanu Tasweer Husain (02-Oct-2012)  Review: Excellent

I was very anxious to get the laser surgery done, but at the same time I was a bit nervous When I approached. Ultimate Vision Laser Centre for my pre lasik checkup I was explained the lasik procedure in details thorough eye checkup was done pre operation Instructions wear give on the day of surgery final refraction was done During operation I did not feel any pain in my eyes, I was talking to doctor After operation when doctor cheeked my eyes I could, read the letters without glasses that was the happiest moment for me, I could see without glasses The staff members at ultimate vision laser centre Anand is very co-operative Doctor Jethwa is an experienced doctor I thank Dr. Jethwa for my Lasik Surgery.

DR. BIREN PATEL (31-Dec-2010)  Review: Excellent

I got LASIK done on 31st Dec 2010 because I Wanted to greet the coming New year with my naked eyes without wearing glasses. It was smooth and immensely pleasurable experience to have undergone the procedure at Jethwa Eye Hospital with its cordial, warm and extremely trained staff. My post operative recovery was eventless and fast. My vision had been to the scientific mark of 6/6 in both eyes till date. I recommend it to one and all who are eligible for the LASIK procedure to avail the facility at ULTIMATE VISION LASER CENTRE with its state of art LASIK equipments and expert team

Mansi Deshpande ()  Review: Excellent

Getting lasik done s on my mind since 5 Years as my brother had got it done and was very happy with his experience. I was qetting tired of dealing with contect lens hosstes. I travel a lot on work so I had to carry the glasses & lens case along with me. I would change into glasses on my return flights. Finally my mum pushed me to take a holiday and get lasik done. I was anxious as I knew the procedure included a cut & qriod method. As soon as I was on my back the doctor stated talking softly and telling me what I would go through. I was so comfortable during the operation that 10 minutes just flew. After the proceclure I could see dealy immediately and fell that it was magical I had some irritation for 3 hrs but later I was happy that I finally got rid of my lovely glasses. Yes I have a collection of nice frames which I have collected from my various trips to china. I was proud to pocess these accessories but am happy to give them away now. Abig reqret that I delayed my decision for so many years. I called up my cousion in Mumbai & asked her to go for lasik soon I am happy

BHAVIKA HIMANSHU PATEL (09-Oct-2012)  Review: Excellent

Before coming to this hospital I was very stastify becare of my brother reference I was here. Lasik eye experience after I was very much happy and can see and alwys happy now Even after now, continces be always stastify with my lasik eye No question ask.

Patel Pritesh Harikrishna (02-Oct-2012)  Review: Excellent

Before the surgery, I had to wear glasses everyday or opt for contact lenses, which required that I take extra care of my eyes while wearing contact lenses, keeping them clean and clear regularly. It was scary. But after the surgery, all my worries have perished and am no more scared. I feel great that I no more have to wear glasses or contacts. Life is easier and joyous now.